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Clash Royale – why do you want to play it?

In this article I don’t want to discuss why this game is addictive, the question of the topic is a bit different from that. There are a lot of addictive things but people do not love some of them. So, addictive does not obviously mean favorite and loved. In the case of this game I think that the main reasons why people do love it are the simple interface, characters and lots of action.

What do people love?

People are addicted to those actions, that cause adrenaline and increase blood pleasure and pleasure. Although these aspects are not necessary to love something. Now I shall try to make a list what makes people to get in love with others:

  • He/she/it shall not be ideal, as we all know that nobody is ideal and if he/she looks ideal, then he/she is supposed to be a liar.
  • He/she shall have some specific emotions, I don’t mean that he/she shall be loud and very expressive, but the feeling must be felt, nobody loves dead souls.

And I will stop on these two aspects. Of course, there are lots of more aspects that people love, but I think these two are the most important.

Characters and interface of Clash Royale

I think that the characters and interface of clash royale hack correspond to those two aspects listed above. The characters are not quite symmetric, the forms are smaller than normal, so they don’t look like Da Vinci works. This makes us to become more familiar to them, as we see ourselves in them that I can’t say about David monument. And they have some special emotions, all of them. They are very cute, and the interface is cute. This is why we love the game and have fun while we play it. It’s not like other games that are addictive but people hate them, want to get rid of them and ruin their mobiles.

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