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How to Set any Video as a Desktop Wallpaper

What do you do? When you are watching video, movies and just want to relax? When you have some work to do on desktop, but its interrupting you in your movie and video, no solution? From today, you don’t have to worry about it, because I am going to tell you something really new “how to set desktop video wallpaper using vlc media player “.

As you know how to set a wallpaper on your desktop, but not to set video desktop wallpaper. Some of you may be thinking of how hard it will be? but don’t worry about “desktop video tutorial ” because it is not hard.

Sometimes while trying to Run Videos in VLC media Player you might see An unexpected I/O Error has Occured message but just close the message and try again which will most prabably fix the issue.


1- Firstly you have to open VLC media player.
2- Now go to tools and then select the option of preferences (you can press key combination of [Ctrl+p] ).
3-Then you will see a new windows will appear. Select video as shown in image.
You can choose any video.

4-Now select the video tab.

5- There you will see a ” output ”  type default then change it to directx (directdraw) video output. Once you do it, restart vlc. ( you have to change it after step 5 )
Note-In some vlc player there is option of ” direct 3d desktop mode ” instead of ” set as wallpaper.

5-Now start vlc player  play any song. Then goto video and select ” set as desktop wallpaper “.

Now you will see that your video is set as desktop wallpaper. Enjoy the desktop video wallpaper.

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