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Mario Bros and XBOX 360: Will they ever converge?

While Mario Bros. might simply represent a trendy throwback game to the new generation of gamers, to millions of thirty-somethings it represents their childhood.  Mario Bros was the epitome of Nintendo greatness.  Released in July of 1983, the original game sold over 40 million copies in the first two years.  Fast forward 34 years, Mario has 23 games to his namesake and has appeared in over 200 games as a guest star, in total selling over 500 million units and making the Mario franchise the best-selling in the world.  So why, that there isn’t a Mario bros for Xbox 360 with such fame and grandeur, has Mario Bros not yet been released for one of the best-selling gaming consoles of all time; the XBOX 360?

Why there isn’t a Mario bros for Xbox?

The answer is simple; as the gaming industry becomes dominated by consoles developed by well-funded tech monsters like Microsoft, Nintendo has been forced to take a different approach to maintain relevance and has chosen to play into the millennial love of nostalgia; which, in large part, means Mario.  By not allowing other console developers access to the games or the characters, Nintendo guarantees that Mario fans will continue to buy their products, thus keeping Nintendo alive as it struggles to catch up to wealthier and more innovative designers.


Nintendo recently went so far as to release the Miniature NES Classic Edition Console just in time for the 2016 holiday season.  In the US alone, over 196,000 units sold in the first month, far exceeding Nintendo’s predictions and sky rocketing the resale value on third party sites like eBay and craigslist where the console is currently listed for nearly double the original sale price.

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