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Positions and their abbreviations – FIFA 17

In many modes of FIFA 17 Coins Hack, you are confronted with positions and abbreviations that you have stored in the brain only after a long period of practice. What is an RF and what role does it take? In this guide, we provide you with a graphic that shows you all the positions . We would also like to show you the English translations, so that you can also surf in foreign forums or use different language tools.
The correct positioning is especially important in the Ultimate Team . Also in Pro Clubs you should know the abbreviations in the field. You use apps and tools to edit your own club? These are mostly in English and therefore also give you unknown names for the positions in FIFA – we have the solution for you!

FIFA 17: Abbreviations of all positions

In the following table we show you the German and English abbreviations for all positions in the field. In addition, you will learn the meaning of the game and will no longer have problems finding the right players for the right positions.

The following figure shows you these positions in the field. Of course, there are more than eleven players across the lawn, as we have also included rather unknown positions such as RAV / LAV or RIV / LIV. You can also use this graphic for all other FIFA releases.

If you play with Alex Hunter in Story Mode, then you must decide in “The Journey” for an offensive position . In the linked guide we provide you some tips and tricks. Also interesting are the features and attributes that reinforce different positions.

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